BWELLTR JUST FOR YOU BwellTR; is a professional organization that approaches you as if you are getting service in your own country, right next to your home. BwellTR is your most trusted healthcare consultant.

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HOW IT WORKS? Let's face it: healthcare can be difficult. In addition to reviewing treatments, doctors, locations, care plans, pricing, dangers, and second opinions (long breath), you want to make sure you're well looked after, both physically and psychologically. This is where we come in. BWell has your back every step of the way. You may be wondering how to do this.


You make a request and describe the problem


BWell medical team investigate your inquiry and contacts you


BWell medical team the most appropriate hospital and specialist for your specific condition


You agree to the treatment plan, and a BWell medical travel expert helps you plan your medical trip


During your treatment, BWell guest relations team keeps in touch with you 24/7


BWell monitors your treatment progress and keeps in touch with you even after you return home

WHY US? Having someone you trust on your side helps you make the most important decisions about your health care. This person can help you figure out what to do, where you should go and who should do it. BWell wants to be that person for you. For us, it's important to be there for you as you go through your health care journey, and we want to help you find the best doctors, clinics, and information.


We put guests first



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BWell finds the best treatment options in more than 300 centers


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Access to healthcare on time


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We save up to 60% of your charges for treatment abroad


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BWell provide 24/7 support


We Are Here to Serve You

A friend who will be with you on every step of your journey

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  • It is a system that allows doctors to treat and control only the diseases in which they are experienced.
  • It is a system that offers you the right to choose by offering a variety of doctors.
  • It is a system that allows you to make online interviews with the doctors of your choice.
  • It is a system that takes care of the confidentiality of personal data and patient privacy.