What is the facelift surgery?


Facelift is a surgical operation that removes extra facial skin for significant skin rejuvenation of the face. The purpose of facelift surgery is to give the patient a more young and natural look. This method has the ability to deliver long-term face rejuvenation (at least 5 to 10 years depending on the conditions).

Facelift (rhytidectomy) is a surgical technique that stretches and hangs the skin to alleviate sagging and wrinkles produced by aging. As a consequence, the phrase "facial rejuvenation" is generally used to describe any therapy for aging indications on the face.

Why we need facelift surgery?

People's faces droop and wrinkle as they age due to the effects of time, sun exposure, daily stress, and other factors (smoking, drinking, malnutrition). Large forehead lines, drooping brows, bags and lines under the eyes, deep lines in the mouth and nose area, sagging cheeks, lost chin contours, and greasy neck and skin curtains characterize the picture of the elderly. Sunspots and numerous moles have caused the skin to become sallow and wrinkled.

What is the essence of facelift surgery ?


One of the operations in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is commonly referred to as a "facial lift" or a "rhytidectomy" using English idioms.  Face lift-renewal surgeries eliminate sagging and irregularities in the skin of the forehead, face, and neck; excess fat tissue on the cheeks and neck is removed, facial fascia and fat tissues are pulled and hung in their anatomical places, facial tissues are reinforced, eyelids are corrected, and other complementary interventions can be performed (such as skin peeling, filling and botox).

Who needs facelift surgery and when ?

Individuals whose facial and neck skin has begun to sag but who do not have any other health conditions are excellent candidates for facelift surgery. This surgery is most often performed on men and women over the age of 40. Nonetheless, owing to structural and genetic factors, this kind of surgery may be performed in whole or in part at a younger age. Other treatments, such as nose and eyelid aesthetics, forehead correction, and brow raising, may be utilized in conjunction to a face lift to improve the look of the face. Fine lines and wrinkles may be reduced by filler injections (oil, hyaluronic acid) or chemical peels (mechanical, chemical, laser). Botox is another option.

What should you think about before the facial rejuvenation surgery?

If you're thinking about having facial rejuvenation surgery to address aging and sagging in your face, talk it over with yourself first to find out what you want and why you want it. Make a list of your expectations from your doctor and go through it with him. If you smoke, you should stop at least 10 days before surgery. If necessary, consult with your doctor many times.

How much does a facelift surgery cost ?

It can vary significantly depending on multiple factors, including:


Experience of the surgeon

Complexity of the procedure performed

Location of the procedure (office, surgery center, hospital)

Type of anesthesia used

*A low-cost facial rejuvenation surgery performed by an inexperienced surgeon who delivers poor results is not a good combination.



What are the methods of facelift surgery?

1. Skin Lifting Surgery for the Mid-Face 

During a mid-face lift treatment, the tissue behind the eyes on the sagging cheeks is elevated. An incision behind the eye is necessary, however it may also be done endoscopically (with a camera system) via the scalp. Patients aged 40 to 55 are often appropriate candidates for this treatment. Throughout the surgery, a local or general anesthesia is administered, and the average operating time is two hours.

2. Facelift Surgery - The Minimally Invasive Method 

Patients between the ages of 45 and 50 are more likely to benefit from a little face lift. Gravity and collagen loss in the cheeks have resulted in an overall reduction in cheekbone volume and a little droop in the area for those who have not yet sagged in the face region. Patients with droopy cheeks have surgery to lift them up. Its purpose is to make your cheekbones seem younger by boosting them. Excess outer ear tissue is removed and the inner ear is tightened during the process. Under general anesthesia, the surgery takes around two hours to complete.

3. Complete Facelift -
A full face lift surgery often includes an incision from the scalp region of the temple to the ear, extending to the cheek, jaw, and neck regions. In a full facelift surgery, not just the skin but also the underlying connective tissue known as SMAS, which resembles muscles and other tissues that have loosened downward, may be stretched. With the aid of these deep tissues under the skin, the loosened and sagging elements of the face are relocated to their right positions, and the current problems are eliminated. A complete face lift operation is more likely to help patients over the age of 55. The treatment, which takes between two and four hours on average, is performed under general anesthesia.


What is the duration of facelift surgery?


The facial rejuvenation surgery lasts about 2-5 hours.

What happens after facelift surgery?

There are some typical things that you can expect after your lift. They include:




Mild to moderate pain

With a bit of knowledge of what to do and not do, healing time will be shortened, and discomfort eased.

Things to Do after facial rejuvenation surgery

Have an adult stay with you for the first 24 hours. They can provide transportation, help with food preparation, and assure that medications are taken properly and postoperative instructions are followed.

Rest with your head at an elevated level to help minimize swelling.

Take the medication for pain as recommended by the doctor.

Apply cool packs to reduce the swelling and help ease the pain in the surgical area.

Wear compression wrap as recommended by the doctor.

There are other things that you can do to make life easier after your procedure.

Wear clothing that buttons in front, rather than clothing or sweaters that pull over the head.

Follow the instructions on when you can shower and shampoo your hair.

Follow all wound care instructions.

A few weeks later, you can change your hairstyle to hide any remaining remnants of the incisions.  Delay parties and social events until you feel and look your confident best.



How long does it take to look normal after a facelift?

You should look and feel normal after 2 – 4 weeks


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