Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

What is the penis enlargement / thickening surgery by ZUDO technique ?


The 21st century could be called the century of plastic surgeries. Although aesthetic procedures have gained serious momentum in the past 20 years, this acceleration may also be influenced by the close contact people have with their own and others' appearances through technological innovations. Among these surgeries, facial and nose aesthetics, which are performed quite frequently, are experiencing their golden age thanks to the "selfies" shooting trend that swept the world after the Oscars.

Recently, both in the world and in our country, the taboo "Don't touch your penis, don't let anyone touch it!" continues to erode. People are touching and examining their penises more often, and can access a wealth of penis information with the click of a mouse from their phone. People who see abnormalities in their penis, or even if it is normal, can see their doctor for a penis examination to reduce or improve their anxiety. After 2015, we have seen first-hand that the number of penis enlargement procedures is increasing every year. Figures that started with 5-10 operations a year have now grown to 5-10 operations a week, and it is even possible that these figures will reach 10 operations a day in the near future.


What should be the ideal penis size?


It is difficult to talk about the ideal penis length. The minimum required for a successful intercourse is around 9cm. Worldwide, the average penis length is approximately 13 cm when hardened and approximately 1.5 cm thick. The average length of an erect penis in Turkey is 12.9 cm.


What is micropenis / small penis anxiety / penile dysmorphic disorder?


A penis length of less than 9 cm when erect in adult men is called a "micropenis". It can be observed due to genetic and hormonal reasons. Due to the inability to achieve satisfactory intercourse and other additional problems, patients often consult a doctor before the age of 18. As the size of the penis is small in real terms, proportionally good lengthening and thickening is achieved after surgery, which makes up the group with the highest patient satisfaction.

"Anxiety about a small penis" is the feeling that the penis size is small, and the anxiety experienced due to many other factors, while penis size is normal. In this case, it has been shown that people can get rid of this anxiety with a few centimetres of lengthening and thickening obtained by surgery, while psychotherapy is unlikely to improve the situation. All clinicians in this group of patients should strive to listen to the patient without judgement, like a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, and to address the anxiety that impairs the quality of their daily life.

"Penile dysmorphic disorder" appears as part of body dysmorphic disorder. It can be defined as an excessive preoccupation with a "non-existent or only minor bodily defect". An obsessive compulsive state and associated recurrent avoidance and anxiety arise. We are really dealing with a serious disorder on a level up to hospitalisation and suicidal tendencies. It is impossible to reach patients with a rejecting and judgmental approach and solve the problem.


Who, how, when, where and to what extent can it be done?

Patients with a micropenis have been advised for many years to achieve their ideal penis size or to lead a healthy sexual life.

Recently, it has become clear that there is a particular group of patients who cannot get rid of the idea that their penis is small, even if its size is normal, and their everyday life and social life is affected by this situation. It should not be forgotten that the question-answer "Who doesn't want it bigger?!" has been on everyone's mind, regardless of religion, language, race or geography. Several studies on the subject have found that about 85% of men want their penis to be bigger, regardless of its size.

It should not be forgotten that every patient who comes in with the belief that "My penis is small!" can have his penis enlarged and thickened regardless of its size. Furthermore, a man who comes to the doctor with the following wishes: "My penis size is normal, but I want it to be bigger!", the enlargement-thickening figures associated with the operation should be provided and the patient should be given time to discuss them.


How should we enlarge your penis ? By using the ZUDO technique, of course!


The question is often asked whether there is an age limit for penis enlargement surgery. We can only perform this procedure with the consent of all men who have completed puberty and are over the age of 18. However, we can perform the surgery with the consent of the family for all patients under the age of 18 who are found to have a micropenis and whose family has brought them in for augmentation surgery.

We perform the surgery at 3 different hospitals with which we have contracts with A Plus, A and B groups. The choice is entirely up to the patient. The prices in each group of hospitals vary depending on the class of hospital.


So, how much do you do it for? The answer is obvious! Expensive... Your operation is on your most valuable organ, and I think you should allocate a really good budget for this work. It should be at least double what women pay for a breast or nose job, right?


What is the ZUDO penis enlargement technique?


If you want a full penis enlargement, this is the ideal method for you because this technique combines 4 different enlargement techniques and we offer you the greatest chance of lengthening and thickening that we can achieve. With this technique you can achieve a penis length increase of at least 2 cm and a maximum of 4 cm. Our motto is "2 cm guarantee, more is up to you!". What is 2 cm more, and how does it even depend on the individual?

The result of surgical procedures is closely related to the patient's skin structure, the ratio of fat to muscle and the extent to which the stretching exercises prescribed after surgery are followed.

So what kind of gain can be achieved with thickening? This question depends entirely on the amount of injected thickening agent (fat, hyaluronic acid, biofiller or patch) and your decision regarding the surgical technique. But if you give us a figure, we can ensure a thickness increase of around 3-8 cm.


As a final word;

If you would like to see a detailed explanation of the technique and preoperative and postoperative photographs of the technique, we invite you to an online and in-person examination.

Please be sure to get information about all the procedures that can be performed for you at Andro Expertise Clinic, Turkey's first male health and aesthetic centre!

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